Are You Applying For Jobs on LinkedIn & Not Getting Any Results?

It’s time to change your approach.

Use and send any of these five hooks to Hiring managers and start your application process from there!

1. “Dear Gerald Butler, I recently came across your profile and was impressed by the work your company is doing. I would love the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience to your team.
Is there a moment we can connect to discuss potential opportunities?”

2. “Dear Scarlet Johansson, I wanted to reach out because I’ve been following your company’s growth and success, and I believe my background in data analysis aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals.
I would appreciate the chance to explore any open positions you may have”


3. “Dear Ryan Reynolds, I noticed that your company is actively hiring talented individuals, and I wanted to express my interest in joining your team.
With my proven track record in teaching, I believe I can make a significant impact.
Can we connect to discuss this further?”

4. “Dear Dwayne Johnson, I recently discovered your company and was immediately drawn to its innovative approach and culture. As a business analyst with 2 years of experience, I believe I could contribute to your team’s success I would be grateful for the opportunity to chat about potential synergies between my skills and your organization.”

5. “Dear Gal Gadot, I wanted to reach out and express my admiration for the work your team is doing at your firm. As someone who shares your passion for engineering, I would love to connect and discuss any current or future career opportunities at your esteemed organization.”

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